The following regulations apply in the National Final of all Canadian Team Championships organized by the Canadian Bridge Federation:

  1. The time allowed for each match or session shall be computed from the time play in such match or session is started by a Tournament Director (TD).
  2. The time allotted per board is consistent with the time allotted per board at the World Championships. Similar to the World Championships, such time is deemed sufficient to complete play and no additional time is allowed for any reason including director calls, playing on Vu-Graph, the use of bidding boxes or screens, discussions of systems, or for other similar reasons.
  3. Players are responsible for monitoring their own progress in relation to the time allowed. Time clocks will be visibly positioned in the playing area specifically for such purpose.
  4. A partnership which considers its opponents to be playing slowly shall inform the TD who may appoint a monitor if he thinks it is necessary; the partnership is only protected from the time at which the TD is informed. A TD may install a monitor without being requested to by the players.
  5. The TD is solely responsible for determining the amount of time delays and, in consultation with the monitor if one was installed, for determining each pair’s responsibility for such delay. The TD’s determination is not subject to appeal and cannot be retroactively challenged or changed.
  6. During the Round Robin no new boards may be started after the TD has called time. When a match must be curtailed due to tardiness or slow play, late play penalties will still be assigned, to either or both teams according to the amount of delay for which each pair is judged responsible, according to the following:
    1 Board not played 1 VP
    2 Boards not played 2 VPs
    3 Boards not played 3 VPs
    4+ Boards not played 5 VPs and the Tournament Appeals Committee or the CBF Board of Directors may impose disciplinary penalties on the pair and/or on the team.

    Example: If 2 boards are pulled from a match during the Round Robin then the penalty is 2 VPs. If pair A is held responsible for 60% of the delay and pair B for 40%; then pair A receives 1.2 VPs penalty and pair B 0.8 VP penalty.

  7. During the KO phase all boards will be played even if the assigned time period has expired. If play continues after the time allowed then either or both of the teams shall be subject to penalty, according to the amount of delay for which such pair was judged responsible, as follows:
     Up to 25 minutes late 1 IMP for each minute or part thereof
     Over 25 minutes late 1.5 IMP for each minute or part thereof (applies to the total time delay, e.g. if the amount of delay attributed to a pair is 30 minutes then the penalty is 45 IMPs). Furthermore, the Tournament Appeals Committee or the CBF Board of Directors may impose disciplinary penalties on the pair and/or on the team.
  8.  Time delays will be recorded on each individual player’s slow play record based on the TD’s assessment of responsibility for the delay and according to the following criteria:
    1. During the Round Robin any board pulled is assigned a value of 8 minutes for the purpose of the accumulated slow play record.
    2. During the KO phase, delays up to 25 minutes are recorded on the slow play record at the actual amount of the delay. Delays over 25 minutes are recorded at 150% of the actual amount of the delay.
    3. If no responsibility for the time delay has been determined by the TD each pair shall be deemed responsible for 50% of the time delay (during the KO phase, if the time delay exceeds 25 minutes the slow play minutes shall be recorded at 150% of the actual amount and the amount for which each pair is responsible will be calculated accordingly).
  9. The DIC of the National Final will be responsible for recording the slow play minutes accumulated by individuals and reporting them to the CBF Office.
  10. If a player accumulates 60 minutes of slow play over two consecutive CBCs, they will not be eligible to play in the following year’s CBC.
  11. Any player accumulating 20 minutes or more of slow play in a single year will be notified in writing.

If, due to slow play, the scheduled starting time of the next segment of play of a KO match is less than 10 minutes from the completion of the previous segment, the starting time for the next segment of play shall be delayed to be 10 minutes from the completion of play of the previous segment. At the option of the DIC, if there are any other matches playing the same boards their start times may also be delayed for security reasons.

Online Slow play policy

  • We expect that matches of 20 boards will not take longer than 170 minutes. This is based on 8 minutes per board plus 10 minutes for discussion of card, hospitality breaks etc. Teams may have a second match starting 3 hours after the first, so matches must be completed in a timely manner.
  • For 16 board rounds in the playoffs, 140 minutes is the time limit.
  • If the last board is not started prior to 170 minutes after the start time of the match (or 140 minutes), this should be reported to the co-ordinator. The tournament committee will review the match and penalties may be assigned.